After a week of rain we thought that diving was going to be pretty much muck diving. We headed out of Dolans Bay and headed for Middle Ground. Its 2km east of Jibbon headland and 4km out from Cronulla Beach.

Had a little electrical problem with the boat, and had to improvise a little to get the GPS and depth finder running.

Middle Ground is in 32m of water and is around 75m in diameter and takes around 30 mins to circumnavigate. Unusual but we did find a Weedy Sea Dragon at 32m, and a Fiddler Ray resting on the reef.

Second dive on 6 Fathom Reef, we actually anchored 100m South East of our normal position just to see what is there. This site is mostly underestimated. We did find a few juvenile PJ's sitting around. Also found a Nudi that I haven't seen before.

I think I have the camera settings just about right now.

Middle Ground

6 Fathom Reef