We headed back to Port Kembla, a favourite spot for us. We hit Pig Island first but this time we anchored a little west of our normal spot. This site never disappoints us. Plenty of plant growth and plenty of fish, lots of nudi's and a weedy sea dragon at 20m, very strange, and to top it off at the end of the dive we came across an anchor about 1.2m long. Note...we might recover this one day.

2nd dive we headed to Toothbrush Island and the cave was the destination. As we hit the bottom in only 10m there was a little current. We headed south to the island and then turned east to head for the cave. A few minutes later I looked around and Rudy was gone, a quick search and nothing. Our plan when we lose each other was to head back to the anchor, grab the reel we have clipped and then head of in another direction so when the buddy gets back he knows where the other person is, great in theory, but you have to find the anchor.

I did surface after about 10mins and looked around for Rudy's bubbles, I was about 200m from the boat and very close to the cave so I took a bearing and headed for the cave took a couple of snaps, one pretty crappy photo of a giant wobby shark and a few of the biggest Stingray I have ever seen, and headed back to the boat. I surface about 30m from the boat and Rudy was waiting for me.

A quick check of how much air, and we headed back to the cave. I mentioned to Rudy the stingray and he was keen. We found the cave and a few more photos and we headed back to the anchor, safety stop and surfaced.

Great diving at Port Kembla.

Pig Island

Toothbrush Island