Today we visited the Grey Nurse Sharks at Magic Point, then we headed to Bare island to see if we could recover the anchor I saw there on the night dive a few weeks ago.

We anchored over the shark cave and saw the anchor line almost go to the bottom, We dropped over the side and down the anchor line, visibility was pretty good until we hit 12m, then it was pretty turbid, still around 10-15m but a lot of suspended particles in the water.

We headed over to the cave and saw 3 sharks, took a few snaps and headed further west to see what's there. Lots of fish including a Wobby, first one I have seen for a long time and a PJ laying an egg.

Time to head back to the boat and past the shark cave again and there was 5 Grey Nurse sharks. This is always a great dive.

We then headed to Bare Island, anchored where I imagined the anchor was and went looking, vis was the worst I have seen at Bare Island, about 5m. Made it hard to find anything. Lots of PJ's and we did find another Wobby....

Bare Island