Another early start 6:30am at the boat ramp put us at Magic point at 7:25am.

On the decent we dropped just in front of the weed bed and a small PJ was resting on the rock, unusual for this time of year. We finned up over the weed to the cave where the vis was a little better than most days and there were 8 Grey Nurse Sharks swimming around. This is the most we have seen here.

First off they were a little timid keeping there distance but after about 20mins they ventured closer, at one stage within 1/2 metre. We just sat there and took lots of photos.

A small cuttle fish under the ledge on the eastern side of the cave and a eastern blue devil fish under the western end made for a great dive.

On the way back to Botany Bay we ran into Michael McFadyen and Le Scat, amazing haven't seen him around for 12 months and then bump into him twice in a week.

Rudy headed over to Bare Island for a second dive, me, well someone has to work between Xmas and New Year.

98 dives so far in 2006.