With the seas flat and the wind almost non existent, the plan was to find the SS Hilda, we tried on 25th February and only came up with a few pieces of scrap metal, Today was different, we found the engine and a few other rather large chunks of wreckage. So tick this off our list of must do's. I can't say it is a very interesting wreck, not a lot of fish life, but something that is worth a yearly visit. Some of the photos are a bit rough, but they are here anyway.

2nd Dive, I told Rudy about last week and we decided to visit Osborne Shoals. On the way we saw 3 dive boats anchored, a quick check of the Map and we were at Merries Reef. "**Note: Must check this out one day", We anchored on Osborne and changed tanks over to air, Hilda we did on 38% Nitrox, and had a short interval and a cup of soup. A quick check of the computer said we would have 30 minutes at 18m, we decided to go.

 Knowing that we would hit decompression, we ran a real out over the reef to where it dropped down to 20m, left it there and headed around the sand line. This is a great spot, lots of fish life and plenty of little nook's and crannies.

Anyway 40min dive and a 10min deco, was worth doing.


SS Hilda

Osborne Shoals