With the seas flat, and the weather fine we could go anywhere today, so we chose to launch at Long Bay and head to Minmi Trench. We had the GPS marks on paper but not in the GPS unit, so some quick conversions we marked them up and headed to Minmi. At first glance we looked like we were in the middle of the channel watch a big tanker head directly towards us, then it made a big swing to starboard and missed us by quite a distance.

Minmi is a great dive site with blue devils, PJ's and some very inquisitive cuttle fish, I was actually dancing with one, it was rubbing up against my strobe, and as I moved it around it followed. Not to far away was the big daddy (or momma) of all cuttles, the tentacles were about 1m long.

Moving along the trench we came across more PJ's and devil fish. While lifting the anchors another Tanker came past, these ships are big.

Off to wedding cake, again another great dive site, plenty of fish life and rock formations, definitely worth another dive soon.

Minmi Trench

Wedding Cake