With absolutely fantastic conditions and no ship movements on Port Kembla Harbour we headed to the Bombo. This time we hooked up first go (Actually the anchors just sat on the bottom, there was no wind and no current).

There is not much of the wreck left these days with only the stern of the wreck still penetrable, and this only around 10m in. However it is covered in small fish and there is a lot of wreckage all around.

The second dive we thought we would head over to Pig Island, there were lots of fishing boats around so we anchored at the southeast corner.

Well what can I say about this spot, it was superb. Lots and I mean, millions of small fish, I will identify them one day, as you can see from the photos, they just hung around for the hour we were there.

Anyway, as we dropped into the water Rudy lost a weight pocket, vis was great so we should have been able to find it, but couldn't see it anywhere. We continued the dive and as we came out of the deep towards the boat there was the weight pocket, nicely wedged in a rock crevice almost directly under the boat.


Pig Island