This week we ventured down to Wollongong with the aim to dive the Bombo, this was a task in itself........

When diving the Bombo, you really need a few hours of no ship movements in or out of the harbour, so its better to call the Harbour, on 02 4275 0145 or check the Port Kembla web site.

As there was a ship due in at 9:00am we decided our first dive would be on Toothbrush Island, the closest island to Port Kembla Harbour. Research says that its a pretty good dive site, I guess we picked the wrong part, it was interesting but not great. As the current was running South, we dived north, but south of where we were did look better.

Second dive the Bombo, we tried a number of time to hook up the anchor, and each time we kept drifting. Finally we had a little stability and I decide to quickly get down and make sure the anchor was secure and wait for Rudy....5 mins no Rudy. The anchor was secure, in the sand and the wreck was nowhere is sight.. So I thought I would follow the lines in the sand that the anchor left. 20 meters north was the wreck of the Bombo.

I quickly swam back to the anchor to wait for Rudy...No Rudy.. I had my pony hooked up and thought he may have had some problems (He did, his Occy was free flowing) So I went back to the wreck and spent 15mins taking some shots....They are pretty good..

Next week I think we are going back......................

Toothbrush Island