Well last week's attempt to dive Jervis Bay and the Firefly was pretty much a disaster. We actually launched the boat in somewhat choppy conditions. We tried to anchor over the wreck but the wind was getting stronger every minute. In 10 mins it got up to about 30 knots so we called it off and headed back to Berry for some lunch.

Anyway today we ended up at Port Kembla to dive Pig Island again and explore further down to the sand line at 25m. Its a fantastic dive site. Very large schools of Bastard Trumpeter and Yellow Tail Kingfish, lots of Nudi's and cuttle fish, the resident Bullseyes and plenty more.

The second dive took us to Martin Islet a small island north west of Big Island. There is a small passage between the two islands. While motoring towards the island we noticed a boat fishing in the channel, a close look also spotted a seal. It came over to the boat, so we quickly dropped anchor and jumped over the side, Cameras in hand, it disappeared. We had our cuppa and then anchored a little south east of the channel. This site was not exciting but pretty good. The highlight came when the Seal buzzed me, I quickly took a shot and then lost a weight pocket chasing it. (I did find it) The other highlight was the big Bull Ray (Black Stingray)

Pig Island


Martin Islet