Well the weather was good to us this week, after missing last Saturday, the forecast was for 0.9m swell, and it hit about 1.2m. We launched at Long Bay for a visit to Magic point. It truly lives up to its name "Magic" there were 3 Grey Nurse sharks and Rudy counted 7 PJ's inside the cave. Lots of fish around and the Grey Nurses were a little inquisitive, coming very close to us. We completed a 45m dive with these guys on a left over 150bar of Nitrox 38.

Our second dive, after a cup of soup in the sheltered Long Bay, was at Cape Banks Caverns, again this is a magic place to dive. The way all the boulders have landed creates a lot of swim throughs, overhangs and caverns with an incredible amount of fish life.

Magic Point


Cape Banks Caverns