Since moving into my new house near Narellan, and having 3 Phase on, Heinz is now storing the big K14 at my place. It was sitting for a few years so needed a little work. We spent quite a few weekends stripping down all the condensate valves, filters. We also changed the pump with a "newer" (Less hours approx 900). And after servicing all the heads and valves, we finally have it running like a dream, It has auto condensate drains, and Securis sensor to stop the compressor when the molecular sieve becomes saturated. (Heinz tells me around 150 fills per filter) The old compressor was sold, and the Nitrox stick for it now resides with Peter Flockart.

Beside the compressor, under the fill panel, I have a large sink that can hold 2 x Faber 12.3l tanks underwater if I need to, I normally use this when I fill one tank, it takes 7mins from 50bar to 275bar hot, the tank cools to 230-235 bar.

Comes complete with a Fill Panel, four fill whips.

I have now installed a Nitrox Stick, and fill all my tanks to 32%, maximum I can fill is 36%. Adjusted by a brass restrictor screw in the outlet hose of the oxygen regulator.

How long does a filter last.
This is probably the most asked question I have had. Its pretty easy to answer.
With the Securis system, I really don't have to worry about it, however this is good knowledge to know.
Weigh how much sieve you put into the cartridge. Call it A. Then take 20% of that figure, 20% x A, call it B. After the cartridge has been fully packed and assembled weigh the complete cartridge call that C. When the total weight of the cartridge = C + B grams then its time to repack.

Example: If I use 35 grams of Sieve A = 35, 20% of A, B = 7, the total weight of the cartridge is C=200 grams. A = 35, B = 7, C = 200. When the cartridge weighs (B + C) 207 grams it requires repacking.

The reason for this, is that for the residual time or dwell, that is the time that air remains in the cartridge housing before entering the tank, the sieve can only hold 20% of its weight of water. If you stick to this you should never get water in your tank. You can change the dwell time by adjusting the intermediate pressure, but that increases the time it takes to fill a tank.