The (new) Boat

"Yes Dear Too" is a 5.6m (18') Barcrusher Cuddy Cabin with a 90Hp Evinrude E-Tec Fuel & Oil Injected Outboard with a 120 litre built in fuel tank. It has a 2 dry bilges for floatation.

Equipped with GME EPIRB, Northstar 557 Colour Chart plotter, Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro colour Depth Sounder/Chart plotter  (Fish Finder), OMC 27Mhz Radio, Northstar VHF Radio and an Oxygen Breathing kit made by Prodiving Services.

Deco Bar

We have a deco bar we put out when we are doing deep dives held by 2 5.5m ropes (we have 2 x 10m ropes as well if we want to do deep stops). Its made of marine grade 316 Stainless Steel with 3 loops on the top, 2 for the ropes and 1 for the deco tank and 2 loops on the bottom for extra weight if required. It is filled with lead (old fishing sinkers.) We also have a 30m crossover line that clips to one of the loops of the bar and then loops around the front anchor line, and is weighted down with a dive weight. This way we can find the deco bar on a steady ascent to the surface.


The new boat has a Sarca anchor and it seems to work well, its a bit light for the deep wrecks. A 9lb weight has been rigged to add when we need it, we also have 10m of chain. We use a lift bag to raise the anchor off the bottom.

 The (old) Boat

I sold this to a guy at work who sold it to Daryl Brett (A St George Scuba Club Member), however now it has been sold and has left Sydney for the Wagga Wagga area.

"Yes Dear" is a 5m (16' 6") Mustang Runabout with a 85Hp Suzuki Oil Injected Outboard with a 60 litre cruise (fuel) tank. It has a dry lower bilge for floatation. The manufacturer believes that if the hull is not breached it will continue to float even if full of water. Not sure I want to test this..
Equipped with Navman Colour GPS, Raymarine dual frequency colour Depth Sounder, Navman 27Mhz Radio, Uniden VHF Radio.