I am a long term IT professional with a lifetime of experience (37 years) in Computers, Networking and Internet with an extreme passion for Scuba Diving and Underwater Photography.

I started diving with a Resort Dive, December 28 1998, on the Great Barrier Reef out of Port Douglas. Although I was very comfortable under the water diving with 11 other amateurs kicking up the bottom and bumping into everything, it was not pleasant.
I attended another Resort Dive in Fiji in 1999 and this was a great experience, just three of us and an instructor, I was hooked, but it wasn't until October 2001 while on a family holiday in Merimbula NSW, I attended my Open Water course. I only completed 13 dives that year (2001) and only 7 dives in 2002. Then in 2003 I decided to step up the diving and completed 42 dives and Advanced Open Water Certification.

In April 2004 I joined the Deep 6 Dive club and was shore diving most weekends with the occasional boat dive. This is where I met Rudy my long time dive buddy. We both attended an information night at Deep 6, West Ryde, about training and becoming a Dive Master. We both signed up for this program. It was 5 specialities, Master Scuba Diver, Rescue Diver and Divemaster. We spent the next 12 months attending theory nights, exams and dives and finally certified as a Divemaster in March 2005. We then continued on with all the specialities and qualified as Master Scuba Diver in August 2005.

During the first half of 2005, Rudy and myself dived many shore dives around Sydney until one day Rudy commented about how easy it was diving from a boat. All of a sudden the light bulb went off, I have a boat. On the 16th July 2005, we, Rudy and myself, took "Yes Dear" my 16ft Mustang Runabout out for its first dive.

Finally after 256 dives on 22nd November 2008 we had our last dive on "Yes Dear" to Minmi Trench, and then in December 2008, "Yes Dear Too" was purchased, a 5.6m Barcrusher.

I sold "Yes Dear" to a work colleague, who eventually sold it to Daryl Brett another St George Scuba Club member. He Sold it a year or 2 later.

Over the next few months we set the boat up for diving using tips from Michael http://www.michaelmcfadyenscuba.info/
Between 2008 and 2011, just the two of us dived most Saturdays. We both love wreck diving and with the help of Michael's GPS marks we started diving some of the deeper wrecks around Sydney. Wanting to know more about deeper diving we both attended the Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Theory courses with TDI. We both purchased a set of twin tanks manifolds etc for this course.

On 4th Sep 2011 I finally joined the St George Scuba Club where I still dive most Saturdays with Rudy. We continue to dive the deep wrecks when weather permits, most of the time I have a full boat of 4 divers, including myself. At the time of writing this, 30th Dec 2014, I have completed 506 dives on "Yes Dear Too"

In October of 2014, I completed my 1000th dive, this was on the Tuggerah wreck

Dive Date Site
100   5th Feb 2005   Coolooli Wreck
200   8th Apr 2006   Inscription point (Kurnell)
300   17th Mar 2007   Barrens Hut
400   8th Mar 2008   Undola Wreck
500   2nd May 2009   Osborne Shoals
600   31st Jul 2010   Ann M Miller Wreck
700   30th Jul 2011   Undola Wreck
800   21st Jul 2012   Steps (Kurnell)
900   17th Aug 2013   Bombo Wreck
1000   25th Oct 2014   Tuggerah Wreck
1100 12th Dec 2015 Bypass Reef
1200 14th Apr 2017 Ex HMAS Brisbane Wreck
1300 22nd Sep 2019 Tuggerah Wreck
1400 25th April 2020 Barrens Hut


Certification Level   Certification Date   Company
Discover the Reef   Dec 28 1998   Quicksilver Cairns
Discover the Reef   Jul 9 1999   Warwick Resort Fiji
Open Water   Oct 12 2001   Merimbula Divers lodge
Advanced Open Water   Mar 8 2003   Merimbula Divers lodge
Rescue Diver   Sep 19 2004   Deep 6 Diving
Underwater Navigator   Oct 30 2004   Deep 6 Diving
Search & Recovery   Oct 31 2004   Deep 6 Diving
Divemaster   Mar 21 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Deep   Jun 26 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Enriched Air Diver   Aug 12 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Equipment Specialist   Aug 12 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Wreck   Aug 12 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Master Scuba Diver   Aug 26 2005   Deep 6 Diving
Peak Performance Buoyancy   Apr 24 2007   Plunge Diving
Dry Suit   Mar 30 2008   The Dive School (UK)
Advanced Nitrox   Feb 10 2010   Plunge Diving
Decompression Procedures   Feb 10 2010   Plunge Diving